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Artists Fresh751 (Greece) and TØNE (USA) were connected via the currents of the internet and joined forces in order to tell their unique story- heavily influenced by the metropolitan cities they call home. 

After coming up with the idea, Tone provided Fresh751 with Concept Direction, Art Direction and Copy Direction and the NFT project GREEKTOWN was born.


The Project details the juxtaposition of Athens and Detroit as post-industrial and cultural hubs stricken by a new technological world order while imbuing that same Spirit of ingenuity in order to, like the Phoenix, arise anew from the ashes.


Producer/Director - TØNE

Videography - Delaino Bruton

Photography - Luciano Romano, Chris Osagie

Talent - Odalys, Austin Ward, Stephanie

Animation - Peter Selekos

Video Editing - Lars Rued

Casting - Venus Goyard

Music - Young Asko, GoBuck


Athens and Detroit, often pejoratively described as dystopian or post-apocalyptic, are reimagined in the not-so-distant future as utopian civilizations utilizing their ancient and urban architectural landscapes to serve as a sustainable blueprint empowering a globalized society. 

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